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Job Ref.: 3841

Job Title: Technical Account Manager

Role: Sales

Relocation Available: No

Industry: Sales and Marketing

Location: New York

Town / City: Endwell

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

To ensure that all clients are receiving the fullest return on investment from the products and/or services purchased
either directly or indirectly.
* Create and discuss project plan for systems implementation with sales personnel and client.
* Manage and coordinate project plan progress with stakeholders.
* Review deliverables formulated by sales personnel through the sales proposal process and make any
necessary recommendations and approval for presentation to the client.
* Train clients on the systems purchased.
* Direct and oversee client's personnel during project implementation.
* Assist sales staffs during selling cycle including consultation and systems demonstration to prospects.
* Travel to client sites to perform required tasks.
* Conduct site survey and procedure survey with client prior to configuring the client's systems.
* Configure, personalize and install as necessary software according to client specifications and confer with
clients in connection therewith.
* Install, configure, and personalize software according to client specifications.
* Test hardware and software functions based on clients needs prior to training.
* Manage the installation of the retail systems the client purchased based on company guidelines.
* Provide support and consultation to our clients on the system they purchased.
* Maintain and install updates and upgrades to both hardware and software.
* Handle on-call support.
* Evaluate and test new products.
* Make recommendations for new products and procedures.
* Provide internal support to assist all departments as needed.
* Evaluate the system and make recommend and sales of products to clients based on such evaluation.
* Resolve client's software and hardware issues.
* Document client issues and resolutions.
* Document system usage for hardware and software.
* Project management skills.
* Problem solving skills.
* Exercise discretion in connection with needs assessment relating to project.
* Make independent evaluations and recommendations to client.
* Customer service skills.
* Communication skills.
* Organization skills.
* Knowledge of PC Hardware/DOS/Windows/Networking/MS Office.
* Knowledge of retail operation.
Travel is required.
* Minimum AAS Degree desired.
* Studies in computer science/information services desired.
* Knowledge of computer operations, hardware and various software applications.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1.  Associate's degree or higher.  Preferably in computer science, information services, or related.
2.  Solid knowledge of computer operations, hardware, and various software applications.
3.  Local.

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