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Job Ref.: 3887

Job Title: Commercial Fire Sprinkler Service or Alarm Service Designer

Role: Design

Relocation Available: No

Industry: Construction

Location: Florida

Town / City: Ocoee

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Responsible for Fire Sprinkler layout and Alarm Design work on multiple projects according to all codes, ordinances and according to the contracted scope of work.  Completes permit drawings and hydraulic calculations.  Will apply knowledge of system operations and follow planned blueprint instructions.  Supervision of all work will be furnished by the Fire Protection Engineer. 
Position Responsibilities
1.         Individual will be required to design/draw all jobs using CPVC and/or Steel pipe.  Drawings will be done using Auto-Cad version 2000 or newer, be neat and orderly and shall contain all pertinent information for installation of projects in the field.  ET should achieve a yearly average of 100% or less of estimated engineering labor costs.
2.         Designer will be required to hydraulically calculate each job drawn.  Design areas and calculations are to be done to achieve a yearly average of 100% or less of estimated material costs.
3.         Designer will be required to stock list each job that is drawn.  All lists that are submitted should be correct when compared to what is actually installed.  Purchasing and Fabrication lists must be prepared and given to the appropriate departments in a timely manner.  All prepared lists should be 100% complete and correct for each job.
4.         Designer will be required to submit each job drawings to the proper authorities in a timely manner.  All submittals should include the correct number of plans, all related material data, and calculations.  Designer will be responsible for submitting to contractors, subcontractors (if applicable), proper insurance companies and building or fire officials for approval.
5.         Designer will be responsible for following up on plans to ensure each job is permitted properly and does not delay progress.  Individual must possess good communication skills with all managers and field personnel so that pertinent information is given out effectively.
6.         Designer will be required to keep track of all jobs.  Individual will give contractors and owners accurate information in regards to the progress and design requirements.  Individual will be responsible for making any corrections to the plans to reflect any changes made in the field.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1.  NICET certified.
2.  5 + years' commercial sprinkler system or alarm system design experience.
3.  Local.

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