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Job Ref.: 5789

Job Title: Project Engineer Structural Analysis

Role: Engineering, Science, or Related

Relocation Available: Yes

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Vermont

Town / City: White River Junction

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Company is seeking a Project Engineer to lead our developmental turbomachinery projects, ranging from conceptual design to fabrication to testing. The ideal candidate should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, and 5 years of experience in structural analysis coupled with strong project management skills. This position will require nominally 50% project management and 50% technical contributions. Experience with rotating equipment is a plus.
•            Lead and contribute to several clean-sheet turbomachinery projects at a time. Example prototype projects include fuel pumps for the next-generation rockets, gas turbine engine development rigs, advanced diffuser technology, innovative turbocharger technology, modular hydroturbines and more.
•            Work with a team of world-class experts in turbomachinery and highly capable support staff in other business units.
•            Apply engineering principles in statics, dynamics, heat transfer, and mechanical design to aid in the development, building, and testing of turbomachinery hardware, and specialized products.
•            Experience the benefits of working in a New England town, such as exceptional opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast, excellence in medical centers and schools, and cultural amenities offered by Dartmouth College.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1.  Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or equivalent.  Master’s degree preferred.
2.  5+ years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering, specifically structural analysis.
3.  Proficiency in static, modal, vibration and life analysis.
4.  Experience in turbomachinery is a plus.
5.  Must be US citizen or US permanent resident.
Q: 1 This position requires previous experience with 5 years in structural analysis. How many years experience do you have performing FEA and what type of analysis have you performed? What tools have you used to complete the analysis, and what is your proficiency level?
Q: 2 This position requires strong project management skills? Describe a challenging project and how you handled the situation? What tools and metrics to you use to effectively manage project work?
Q: 3 In an R&D environment, solving challenging technical problems in a team setting is a daily activity. Provide an example of a challenging technical problem you tackled as a team, and what you did to solve it as a team. Be specific.

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