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Job Ref.: 5736

Job Title: Plex Business Process Analyst

Role: Buyer, Supply Chain, Purchasing

Relocation Available: No

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Missouri

Town / City: St. Louis

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Partners with functional work areas to assess processes, workflows, standardization, and system utilization, and makes recommendations that supports company-wide objectives for efficiency and standardization. Provides ERP system administration and support to users.
Listed in order of time-spent or importance. 
1.          Oversees and performs ERP process analysis and system changes and enhancements, including
•           Analyzing, defining, and documenting current functional departments’ processes (including work instructions) and workflows and recommending process solutions for ERP system enhancements.
•           Facilitating process workshops that involve eliciting process requirements from Business Users and developing new business solutions.
•           Building out integrated system workflows and creating stand-alone workflows.
•           Handling new enhancement and new configuration testing. Collaborates with subject matter experts (SME) in functional area of the enhancement and ensures that process improvements are standard across all locations.
•           Administering a formal change management and custom report process to ensure management approval and standardization across all locations.  
•           Managing mini-implementations with functional SME and mini-implementation team.
•           Monitoring, measuring, and providing feedback on business process performance
2.          Oversees and provides ERP system support and training, including
•           Assessing the appropriateness of security permissions and monitoring segregation of duties.
•           Providing support to all users and handling system support cases, resolving issues, etc.
•           Developing and overseeing user training for new hires, new enhancements, job reassignments, etc.
•           Educating business users responsible for managing and operating business processes.
•           Performing system operational and monitoring functions.
3.          Works with Business users to understand reporting and analytic needs; coordinates with IT personnel in the development of custom reports, email notifications, dashboards, and other analysis tools.
4.          Develops and manages a change management process for business process improvements.
5.          Provides project management expertise. Leads the planning and execution, from start to completion, and works side-by-side with work area management and associated work groups.
6.          Contributes to and supports the existence of a positive work environment through personal involvement by communicating, interacting and behaving in a manner that promotes productive relationships with coworkers, supervisors, customers, and others with whom such relationships are important to the success of company operations.
7.          Performs other duties and ad hoc projects as assigned.
Supervisory Responsibilities: N/A
QUALIFICATIONS – Education, Certifications, Training, Experience
•           Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems, Business Administration, or similar degree
•           5+ years experience in similar position
•           Manufacturing experience
•           Plex ERP experience
•           3+ years leading business process projects

Bottom Line Requirements:

1. Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems, Business Administration, or similar degree.
2. 5+ years of experience in manufacturing business process.
3. Plex ERP experience preferred.
4. 3+ years leading business process projects preferred.

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