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Job Ref.: 5826

Job Title: Research and Development Manager

Role: Engineering, Science, or Related

Relocation Available: Yes

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Minnesota

Town / City: Eagan

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

The R&D Manager is responsible for leading efforts involved in new product/process development and improvements with direct responsibility for some projects. This position initiates, evaluates plans, directs, executes, implements, and reports on activities related to the development of new products, improvements or cost savings ideas. This position carries with it the responsibility to mentor team members and grow their capabilities for contributing to the organization while coordinating and managing the efforts of the R&D team.
Principal Responsibilities
Leads R&D team in the technical aspects of product development through the investigation, planning, execution, evaluating and reporting on new product / process development improvement and troubleshooting projects.
Independently initiates, investigates, and implements significant new formulations, process improvements, and cost savings projects.
Assists formulation chemists on portions of project to ensure completion of the department’s high priority projects and critical non-project work. Advises, directs, coaches, inspires and reviews the work of less experienced formulation chemists on complex projects.
Acts as a technical consultant to all operating units of the company on formulation / processing issues related to assigned projects / products.
Completes technical assessments for evaluation of new product / process opportunities.
Evaluates and makes recommendations concerning the application of new ingredient / processing technologies. Stays apprised of technologies used by other contract manufacturers by reviewing technical literature, attending seminars and maintaining contact with suppliers. Evaluates applicability of those technologies within the organization.
Other Responsibilities
Uses problem solving process in project and non-project/administrative work.
Develops and maintains project plans, identifying critical paths and resources required.
Maintains an accurate record of work activities in lab notebooks: objectives of test, accurate formulas, processing conditions, required equipment and equipment setup.
Attends classes/seminars to improve technical, interpersonal, and managerial skills. Shares learning and applies learning to work assignments.
Develops personal goals, actively pursuing career and skill development.
Assists in development of business goals for team members – individually and collectively.
Questions processes, procedures and policies. Fully investigates, develops, and presents alternatives for implementation.
Develops understanding of any processes new to the organization; evaluates whether portions of that process are applicable to other products/projects.
Required Skills/Abilities
Proficient in principles of statistical analysis, cosmetics chemistry, hair and skin care/SPF processing, problem solving, and resource management.
Identifies opportunities and exhibits high energy and willingness to be involved.
Develops contingency plans.
Able to prepare specifications, label declarations and formulations with no technical errors.
Demonstrates business knowledge by leading discussion and direction on project work with the organization and determining effects of department work on total financial picture.
Demonstrates competence by providing sound guidance to the R&D team and demonstrating operational autonomy and influencing strategic direction.
Thorough understanding of FDA regulations and cGMP’s
Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
Ability to work cross-functionally & at all levels within the organization including senior leadership
Ability to prioritize multiple responsibilities and manage deadlines accordingly.
Communicate effectively and professionally both internally and externally.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1.  B.S. in Chemistry, Biology or Cosmetics Science.
2.  3+ years of R&D management.
3.  10+ years of experience in formulation of personal care products.

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