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Job Ref.: 5094

Job Title: Project Accountant -

Role: Accounting / Finance / Billing / Collections

Relocation Available: No

Industry: Accounting

Location: Colorado

Town / City: Englewood

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Company is looking for a hands on Project Accountant to work and oversee the overall financial cycle of each project as well as other financial and administrative tasks.
The ideal candidate will have experience as a Project Accountant for a small or medium-sized company or in Public Accounting handling small to medium-sized clients and will have a strong desire to play a key role in the business. Will handle a constant flow of projects requiring financial leadership and support to all departments within the company.
• Generate accurate monthly financial statements in a timely manner.
• Provide job costing reports to leadership and monitor contribution margins on all
• Develop all financial planning for the company
• Provide strategic input on decisions affecting the organization
• Assist in the Human Resource function
• Support and advise on all financial and staff-personnel matters.
• Create budgets for the company.

Bottom Line Requirements:

1. Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or related.
2. 4 to 15 years of experience in project accounting in a small to medium-sized institution or in public accounting handling small to medium-sized company clients.
3. Very stable work history and desire to play a key role in a growing and thriving company.

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