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Job Ref.: 4122

Job Title: Welder

Role: Technician / Maintenance

Relocation Available: No

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Kansas

Town / City: Newton

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Purpose of Position
      Use hand-welding or flame-cutting equipment to weld or join metal components or to fill holes, indentations, or seams of fabricated metal products.
Basic expectations
*           Exceptional customer service with internal and external customers
*           Unity - the ability and willingness to work with others
*           Integrity  -  must be professional, confidential and use discretion with proprietary information
*           Devotion - must be dedicated to customers, co-workers, and the good of the company
*           Quality - must take pride and see the importance of quality of work, have an attention to detail, and be time conscious.
Basic Qualifications
      The welder must be familiar with structural welding, brake forming, and all other fabrication processes.
The welder will need to be able to:
*           Read / Implement prints.
*           Read / understand specification sheets
*           Understand verbal instructions, exercise good judgement, and use experience to plan / accomplish goals.
     The welder must be able to use the following tools:
*           Assorted hand tools
*           Machine tools
*           Welding and other fabrication related equipment
o          Mig / Stick welders
o          Plasma cutter
o          Press brake
o          Shear
o          Band saw
o          Assorted grinders
o          Tubing benders
o          Oxy / acetylene cutting torch
o          Chop saw
o          Jacks
o          Hydraulic lifts
o          Air Tools
     The welder must be able to work alone AND as a team member in all departments of.  Must be able to check his/her own work.
The welder must maintain EXCEPTIONAL customer service.
*           Basic math skills
*           Read Various measurement tools
*           Meet all deadlines while maintaining standard of quality.
*           Lift up to 50 pounds
*           Pass DOT Physical
*           Pass Drug Test
*           Valid Driver's License
*           Work with minimal supervision
*           Document his / her work on paper or electronically
o          General office work may be required 
*           Time Conscious
*           Flexibility to maintain multiple projects
*           Perform daily activities while remaining 100% mobile
*           Follow all railroad company Rules and Guidelines 
*           Dress accordingly to weather conditions and work conditions (inside or outside)
Personal Protective Equipment Required in Shop and Service Calls:
*           Safety Glasses, Gloves
*           Railroad approved steel toe or composite toe boots.
*           Hard hat and safety vest
*           Ear protection, Pliers, and Railroad approved pocket knife.
Assistance will be needed when lifting over 50 pounds.  Wear appropriate safety equipment when working in the shop, eye protection and hearing protection may be needed
*           Minimum 40 hours
*           Every other Saturday until noon
*           Additional overtime may be required
Work Environment
*           Moderate Noise Level
*           Wet / Humid conditions
*           Fumes
*           Mild chemicals
*           Smoke
*           Exhaust
*           Indoor / outdoor work

Bottom Line Requirements:

1.  3+ years of welding experience.
2.  Local or close enough for a short easy move.

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