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Job Ref.: 5794

Job Title: Thermal Mechanical Design Engineer

Role: Engineering, Science, or Related

Relocation Available: Yes

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Washington

Town / City: Bothell

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Company has an immediate opening for a Thermal Mechanical Design Engineer to support product engineering development programs. The Engineer’s goal is to achieve the function and performance of thermal and electro-mechanical subsystems of our thermionic power generation products.
In this role, you will apply principles of engineering and science to achieve product designs that meet all required performance, cost, and schedule specifications. You will perform conceptual design, thermal and mechanical analysis; prepare design sketches and 2D and 3D drawings and models; select raw materials; and develop component/subsystem specifications.
Perform engineering calculations and analyses to model and predict component/subsystem performance, including mechanical stress analysis, thermal and heat transfer analysis, steady-state and transient analysis, mechanical joint design, statistical tolerance stack analysis, etc.
Perform first order hand calculations of the analysis tasks prior to conducting FEA analysis as necessary
Perform tolerance analysis as required to ensure intended assembly performance
Utilize laboratory and field test data to correlate and validate analytical models
Interface closely with the multidisciplinary experimental and computational teams to iterate on designs and validate models
Create fabrication drawings for component/sub-system and other mechanical assemblies
Construct and conduct parametric trade-off studies and communicate results to the R&D and Engineering teams
Play a role in the evaluation of next-generation designs
Understanding of heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation) and mechanics of materials
Hands-on experience using CAD tools (SolidWorks preferred) in the creation of complex  mechanical models, fabrication drawings and assembly drawings
Demonstrated hands-on experience with thermal CFD and FEA using analysis tools such as Solidworks and ANSYS
Understanding of manufacturing processes used to produce mechanical and electromechanical hardware products
Hands-on experience with Engineering Document Management software
Excellent problem solving and communication skills
Impeccable written and verbal communication
Ability and enthusiasm to work as part of a highly collaborative, dynamic, and diverse team

Bottom Line Requirements:

1.  Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, or related.
2.  5+ years of mechanical design engineering experience in an industrial or commercial environment .
3.  3+ years of design and analysis of thermal systems.
4.  Experience utilizing laboratory and field test data to correlate and validate analytical models preferred.
5.  Experience with performing thermal & mechanical modeling of braze assembly components preferred.

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